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Nov 9, 2022

Silver Care, LLC Founder and CEO Dr. Erica D. Jones is a detailed-oriented thinker with a drive to learn and apply her knowledge to her everyday life and profession. In her efforts to further her career, Erica received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Spalding University, a master’s degree in Humans Services with a concentration in Marriage and Family from Liberty University, and her Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis in Cognition/Instruction from Grand Canyon University.

Dr. Jones used her education and taught psychology courses as an associate professor for Tidewater Community College, Stratford University, Kaplan College, and Centura College. In addition, Erica’s 20+ years in Human Services allowed her to serve military families, people with substance and mental health illnesses, and the senior population.

In 2017, Dr. Jones and her husband decided to become the primary caretaker for her grandparents, both people living with dementia, to lessen the risk of nursing home placement. Erica’s vision was to start a home care agency to share the profits with her grandparents for their financial needs and home maintenance. Silver Care, LLC emerged from that vision, which employs caregivers to provide personal care services in the homes of the elderly and disabled. Since then, Erica has focused on creating and maintaining relationships that will brand Silver Care as a recognized home care agency in the community.

Dr. Jones is committed to learning and applying her abilities to assist others in growing. Erica obtained a Dementia Practitioner Certification to serve the dementia population, is a graduate of the Spring 2022 B-Force Accelerator, the winner of the Reddix Rules Queens 2022, a B-Force Lead Consultant, and a board member for the City of Norfolk Long-Term Care/Aging.