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Nov 16, 2022

Jazmin M. Allen, Esq., is the CEO and Founder of Brand Better With Jaz and the Owner and Principal Attorney of JMA LAW. Her passions include fostering unity among women, educating business owners on the importance of protecting their assets, and helping people powerfully communicate their stories. She is also the Executive Director of King’s Daughters Connect, Inc., where she helps young women discover their purpose by providing them with opportunities to serve. Jazmin graduated from Regent University School of Law in August 2020 and was admitted to the Virginia State Bar in April 2021 as a licensed attorney. In 2017, she earned her B.A. degree in Communications and Public Relations from Old Dominion University, where she gained extensive experience in designing digital graphics, creating video productions, and starting her own brands from the ground up. Jazmin also serves as a Board Member of Black Brand, the Black Chamber of Commerce, and provides legal services as a consultant to the businesses Black Brand serves. She considers herself the embodiment of a powerhouse woman, making her mark in the public relations industry while establishing her business law practice.