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Each week join us for a new conversation about embracing the changes and challenges that come with growth and life.

Feb 17, 2023

Chip and Keisha Wilson are Relationship Coaches forged by decades of trials and triumphs in
their Spiritual, Social, and Professional interactions. They are the founders of Better2Gether,
where they share the importance of bringing a “whole” person into every relationship. The
Wilson’s are dedicated to equipping individuals that crave fruitful, lasting relationships with the
tools to reshape, reimagine, and remodel their mindsets and skill sets to experience dynamic
Their expertise has been built by a combined 60 years of corporate and entrepreneurial
accomplishments; refined by a 30-year relationship; sharpened through raising 4 adult children;
polished by 26 years of marriage, rooted in friendships that span multiple decades and
anchored by their Faith in Jesus Christ.
Chip and Keisha Wilson are purpose driven to build individuals to be Better in Relationships.