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Jul 2, 2023

For women on a hunt to discover their authentic Self, the answers are much closer than they think…within their own Whole Body Self! While practicing as a Doctor of Eastern Medicine and Holistic Well-Being Consultant, De’Nicea Hilton Harper saw a connection between Holistic Health and Authenticity. This was the perfect opportunity to create tools that people could use to facilitate Holistic Healing while realizing who they are authentically their purpose, and connect with meaning in their lives again - and they could do so with Play! 


She created the My Souls Says Collection, a playful curation of guided journals, declaration decks, and drinkware all designed to facilitate the Discovering (and Being!) of the Perfect Authentic Self. While engaging with the journals and the decks, they’re invited on mini-adventures designed to activate a relationship with the Whole Body Self becoming aware of the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical messages that offer wisdom and insight guiding them to their Perfect Authentic Self.


Along with other playful experiences in the online sanctuary of The Perfect PlayGround, such as the Re-Creation Center and the DATE Your Self Academy, women get closer to realizing she’s Whole and Complete: the root meaning of Perfect. She gets to Practice BEING Perfect (vs. practice makes perfect.) And the ripple effects can be seen in improved relationships with her Self and others, as well as Holistic Health!