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Each week join us for a new conversation about embracing the changes and challenges that come with growth and life.

Jul 26, 2023

Charlotte's powerful blend of raw reality chased with just the right mix of humor, candor, and practical tools inspires audiences to shift their mindsets to enrich their impact on-the-job and in their lives. Without apology, finger-pointing, or bashing, she challenges and informs listeners to move out of their ruts and into realization to develop, master, and maintain a mindset of momentum. With Charlotte's straight talk, audiences are inspired to tackle the tough stuff, add more impact with every move they make, and show up at their best. 

Charlotte believes.....

  • Focus beats brilliance.

  • Leadership is a choice.

  • Your tomorrow may be different as a result of what you do today.

  • You'll never know if an opportunity is knocking if you're afraid to answer the door.